Last Night Save
Last night I got my second save of the season. My first save against my old team the Baystars. As I expected there were many boos last night. It did not bother me. I don't expect Baystars fan to cheer for me. Thank you to all the Baystars fans that did not boo me. It was a special save for me because not only was it against the Baystars but now I have a save against every team in the Pacific and Central League. It was very nice to say hi to all my old teammates. They were my family for three years and I will never forget those guys. They will always be special to me. After the game last night I went out to eat with Matt White and I had a good time. I am happy about the Giants win last night I hope we can win again today.

by kroon161 | 2008-04-10 13:16 | Diary
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