Off Day
Today was an off day for me. I relaxed all day at home watching movies and playing Nintendo Wii. I went to eat yakuniku for dinner and it was so good. That is my favorite food in Japan. I am excited to return back to Yokohama tomorrow. I am exicited to see my old teammates. I hope the weather lets us play tomorrow. I reall don't know how the fans will treat me. I know that they booed Ramirez in Jingu and Arai in Hiroshima. Its part of the game players change teams all the time. I am prepared for the fans to boo me in Yokohama. I hope we can continue winning. Yesterday's game was good. Congradulations to Sakamoto for his first homerun and first grandslam and Kisanuki pitched a great game.
by kroon161 | 2008-04-07 01:06 | Diary
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