fan voice
メッセージ・message =

Hi, Kroon. I was great that here is able to write
a message to you. first of all i want like to ask you that you
still remember me ? REMEMBER ?I was once your fan from YB till
today. We had met a few times you even give me a calander at
okinawa and we did chat for few minutes at Shizuoka. Remember!!
I would like to inform you that i came back Singapore I was
unable to watch any baseball now but i will still check out of the
website whenever i can. So please don’t disappoint us. I know you can
do it. You are trying very hard when ever you go.
But never overdo, rest when ever you can. Ok here again i will give you
my full support same as others fans do. Though i was at the other country.
So Good Luck to you !!
名前・name = Clara
by kroon161 | 2008-03-19 01:46 | Fan Voice
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