100 save medal
My medal for the 100 saves

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100 Saves
Thank you for the flowers.

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Fan Voice



P.S 6月1日試合後のボールありがとう♪
   私達の宝物です!! あとボードも!!

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Yesterday I was able to break my own record of 161. It was the third pitch of the 10th inning. 2 strikes no balls and strike 3 was 162. I am happy for the fans. I know they wanted to see me break my own record. Its too bad we lost in the 12 inning. It was a good game. For the fans that are waiting for 163 there is no chance of that happening. But I will try my best. Thanks too all the fans who support me.

Here is the youtube link:

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Luis Gonzalez
I am sorry to hear that Gonzalez will no longer be a part of our team. He is a good friend of mine, we have played together before with the Colorado Rockies. He himself told me that he did not take anything he was not suppose too. I beleive him, he is my friend and he has never lied to me before. I hope this can be fixed and somehow he can remain a Giant. If not I wish him the best of luck. He has help the Giants win many games this years and he will be missed.
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100 Saves
100 saves!! Finally I have reached one of my personal goals. This is probally the best achievement I have done through my 18 year career. I saved the ball from the game and I will display it in my home. Burnside pitched a great game and I was happy he could get his first win as a Giant. The team is playing well I hope we can keep it up. I need 21 saves to become the all time foreigner leader.

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Tigers Game
Yesterday was a difficult game for me. We lost 5-4. We played well last night but I could not save the game. My condition was good but had problems throwing strikes. The onepitch I threw to Yano around his head was a mistake. I have never thrown at the head of any player in my career. With runners on first and third base with two outs Akahoshi was the batter. It was 2 strikes and 0 balls and he beat out an infield hit to tie the game. With bases loaded and 2 out Arai was the batter. It was 3 balls and 2 srikes I threw a fastball on the outside corner that was a clear strike and the umpire called it a ball. That scored the go ahead run and the Tigers won. I was very upset with the umpire and I started screaming at him. The umpire threw me out of the game. I have watched that pitch over and over again and I still think it was a strike. That was the first time in my 18 year career that I have ever challenged an umpire. I do not regreat doing it lst night because I believe it was a strike. Tomorrow we play the Carp and I will be ready for the game. I have put last night game behind me.
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Fan Voice
Nice to meet you Mr. Marc Kroon
My name is Tomoko Ikeda.
My age is 12 years of age.
I write you to tell you my family watches
for a great season. Me and my mother
think you are very nice look man. My
younger brother wants to be pitcher as you.
He introduce me you while watching a game
on the television days before and now I am a baseball
fan. Thank you for your important time and reading
my e-mail. Thank you much and fight!!!!
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Fan Voice
メッセージ・message = 私は、ベイスターズファンです。私の父は、昨年の年末に亡くなりました。父は、ずっとマークのことが大好きで、昨年は車椅子でいつも土日はハマスタへ応援に行っていたんですよ。覚えていますか?昨年、ハマスタ近くで、マークに会ったんです。我々は、車椅子で道を歩いていた時、マークが車からお大事にって言ってくれた事を・・・父は、すごく嬉しかったそうです。亡くなる最後まで、マークの話をしていました。今思うと、試合後もよく車でお互い横に並んだことを覚えています。お子さんがマークの車に乗っていた時も、一度横で車が並びましたね。とにかく、今マークがベイスターズにいない事はすごく寂しいのですが、そういったベイスターズファンがいた事を胸に刻んでおいて頂ければ嬉しく思います。
名前・name = 島崎義昭
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Fan Voice
名前・name = Daisuke Manabe
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